Finding a Great Chiropractor in Colorado Springs

Today I wanted to share some thoughts about what makes the difference between a ‘good’ and a ‘great’ doctor. While I will talk specifically about chiropractors here, this information really applies to any doctor or health professional. And I hope you find it useful!

When experiencing health needs, many people think first of the actual expertise of their doctors—how much knowledge and experience they have.

This is, of course, important. A great doctor will attend to the health needs of his or her patients with an expert hand. But there are many other qualities that go into making a great health professional.

Finding a chiropractor in Colorado Springs should be more than simply finding an ‘expert’. I invite you to consider the following factors when choosing a chiropractor. Remember, when field expertise is combined with these positive attributes, the experience is sure to be a great one!

Personal Experience

It goes a long way when a chiropractor, simply put, also has a chiropractor. If he or she uses chiropractic treatment themselves, it means that the doctor truly believes in the benefits of their practice.

Patients can then take comfort in placing their health concerns in that doctor’s hands if the doctors themselves would also undergo that same treatment or use that treatment on their own family.

Unfortunately, more often than you may think, a doctor will say or prescribe something to their patients that they would not do for themselves or their own family. Don’t be afraid to ask if they were in your situation what they would do.

Doctors who personally use chiropractic treatment will be able to draw on years of experience as both a patient and a doctor. They will be able to provide stories of what has and has not worked for them personally, as well as for past patients. Overall, if they are well acquainted with their field from the patient’s perspective, this will lead to a better experience for the patient.

Creative Approach

One major benefit of chiropractic treatment is that it can be customized to fit the patient’s needs. However, if a doctor doesn’t take full advantage of that ability, the patient’s treatment plan will not be all it can be.

A good chiropractor in Colorado Springs will possess a creative mind. He or she will be able to take the patient’s concerns, health history, and previous experience with chiropractic and develop a plan that works for that individual.

He or she also must also be able to change that plan if the factors present for its creation change! If the plan isn’t working, a great chiropractor will be able to think creatively, not relying on one method or plan, in order to meet the patient’s needs. Thinking outside the box will go a long way when it comes to a great chiropractic experience. Not only will you get individualized care, but you will also know that you are more than just a file number to your chiropractor.

Communication Expert

So many Colorado Springs residents experience doctors who cannot interact well with patients, even if they are true ‘experts’. Whether it’s poor bedside manner or confusing ways of explaining concepts, a doctor who cannot communicate well limits the experience.

A great chiropractor in Colorado Springs will be able to listen well, explain difficult concepts effectively, and work toward total understanding. This may take creativity, but they will always seek to connect positively with patients.

Finding a great chiropractor starts with expertise, but it ends with so much more! If a good communicator is also creative and brings a personal connection to his or her work, it is likely that the patient will be pleased with their choice of doctor for chiropractic treatment.

In closing, I invite you to come in and experience chiropractic for yourself! I work to be so much more than just an expert. These factors that I mentioned are important to me and I strive to fulfill each of them with excellence!
Dr. Michael Schuneman, DC

Dr. Michael Schuneman, DC is a chiropractor in Colorado Springs. He started Life Symmetry Chiropractic in 2012. In addition to running an active chiropractic practice, Dr. Schuneman also researches and writes on a variety of health topics and regularly gives health talks in the community. He is committed to bringing better health and a better way of life to his patients by teaching and practicing the true principles of chiropractic wellness care.

The information given is for informational purposes only and is not meant as a diagnosis or treatment for any disease or disorder.

About Michael Schuneman, DC

I am a chiropractor in lovely Colorado Springs. I am passionate about helping people naturally attain better health and well-being. I believe chiropractic is one of the best ways to help the body heal and function at its best! However, healthy eating, exercise, and reducing stress are essential to health as well. Besides having an active chiropractic practice I also teach some evenings at a career college in the Personal Fitness Training and Medical Assisting programs. I also love helping others learn and still do a little tutoring occasionally as well.

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