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3707 Parkmoor Village Dr. #101
Colorado Springs, CO 80917


What Are People Saying About Life Symmetry Chiropractic?

J. Harrington

"Wonderful! Dr. Schuneman, [DC] is genuinely there for his patients. He’s been my chiropractor for 6 months now (I interviewed about 5, he made the cut), helping untangle various subluxation, joint & pain issues I have, due to EDS (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome). He is very professional, friendly, caring & gentle with adjustments. He makes sure all the kinks are out before the appointment is over, not just a quick adjustment then out the door! He listens to his patients & explains treatments. 6*s!"

S. Morgan

"Dr. Michael Schuneman [DC] is a superb chiropractor. He is able to achieve adjustments more gently than most chiropractors, and is extremely skillful at working through complex problems or issues layer by layer."

Darlene J.

"I have on-going issues in my neck and lower back.
After a recent move from New Mexico to Colorado, I was very badly out of alignment. Dr. Mike [Schuneman, DC] has really helped those issues.
Plus, Dr. Mike is one of the few chiropractors that have been able to adjust my neck. His method is very gentle.
Thank you, Dr. Mike"

David J.

"Yes Chiropractic and Dr. Michael [Schuneman, DC] has made considerable improvement in health and well-being.
Before starting these treatments, going to any business that had concrete floors was very painful and caused extreme distress on my system after just a few minutes it was very hard to walk.
Now those problems do not exist any longer. Plus the numbing of the legs has gone away when I have to sit for extended time.
Thank you Dr. Michael."

Casey J.

"Had hurt my lower back almost 15 yrs. ago. Up until this date, there was always a constant, dull ache, that never really went away. I’m really glad I found Dr. Schuneman [DC] because he fixed my lower back problem. I have no more pain. I’m finding that I can bend and move better and it’s all thanks to Dr. Schuneman [DC] and his practice."

Jennifer E.

"I started going to Dr. Schuneman [DC] while I was completing my Yoga Teacher Certification. Due to the long hours of practice and also new yoga postures I wasn’t use to my body hurt! I also began having trouble sleeping-and it was not because of mommy related nights.
Once I began going to Dr. Schuneman [DC] regularly, I began to notice that the days my body hurt from practice were fewer and farther between. Today, I am able to do yoga, biking and running and my body is not hurting after these workouts as it once had before. I have also noticed that if I get an injury from any of these activities, my recovery time is MUCH shorter than it had once been before.
I have also been bringing my children in to see Dr. Schuneman [DC] and they always enjoy seeing him and sometimes I even get a comment from my 7 year old that she needs “an adjustment”. Dr. Schuneman [DC] has helped to answer our medical related questions and is always good at offering suggestions or helping with whatever aches or pains we have at the time.
I would highly suggest for anyone looking into chiropractic care to go to Dr. Schuneman [DC] first. He is a great doctor and has your well-being in mind."

Frank P.

"As a 58 year-old acting like a teenager, I fell on my back ice skating. After two days, I went to Dr. Schuneman [DC] (my very first first visit ever to a Chiropractor) for a severe pain in my left shoulder that permitted (with pain) only about 20% movement in my left arm. After one session, my range of movement improved to about 70% and the next day I was riding my motorcycle. At a follow-up visit three days later, my left arm range of movement improved to about 85%. I know my body well enough that without Dr. Schuneman’s assistance, it would have taken weeks for my body to heal and my motorcycle would have been left in the garage."

Jodie J.

"A friend recommended that I see a Chiropractor. It was quite providential finding Dr. Michael Schuneman [DC]. Dr. Schuneman’s experience with both the athletic world and the musical world helped to solve some painful areas in my arms, back and neck during instrumental playing. His care of an injury that developed while playing the cello has lead to a recovery.
Dr. Schuneman listens, is concerned about patient recovery and never adds treatment unless it is needed. He worries about your comfort and give solutions to issues that can be done at home or at work to assist with a quicker recovery.
Dr. Schuneman and Life Symmetry Chiropractic would be my first recommendation to any musician or athlete seeking care and healing."

Chad N.

"I’m tall and my back has hurt for a while now, as well as my knees. After visiting with Dr. Schuneman [DC] I feel great! I had never visited a chiropractor before and was skeptical about the practice. However, every time I have gotten adjusted I feel fantastic. The discomfort is gone, I feel more flexible and relaxed. The entire experience with Dr. Schuneman has been fantastic! For the first time in a long time my back discomfort is not a constant, or even weekly concern. Thank you."

Michael B.

"I strained my neck recently and went to see Dr. Michael [DC]. His adjustment drastically reduced my neck pain and cut at least two days off my recovery time! Thank you so much!!"

Nicole F.

"My 22 month old twins were ill with the hand, mouth, foot virus. They were sick for about a week and a half before our visit here. High fevers, canker sores in the mouth. I tried everything. Advil, milk of magnesia, oral medication to numb the mouth. Nothing was working and I had not slept for days. The twins were very restless and could not sleep well or eat or drink. Then after our first visit to the chiropractic, the twins were more relaxed and calm. The fever was gone and my little girl was completely better. She slept for 3 hrs. and was able to eat and drink. My son had mild symptoms and the ulcers on his tongue did not get worse, they actually began to disappear. I am so amazed at the effectiveness and healing my children received."

M. Black

"I really enjoy going to Life Symmetry Chiropractic. I can tell that Dr. Schuneman [DC] really cares about his patients. I’ve never seen a chiropractor be so thorough with his adjustments."
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