Discover Chiropractic Care in Colorado Springs

Discover Chiropractic Care in Colorado Springs

At Life Symmetry Chiropractic in Colorado Springs we’re about a lot more than alleviating back, neck or shoulder pain. While some of our patients request this relief, our practice encompasses balancing body, mind and soul. Our mission isn’t to compete with or replace primary care doctors (who can refer patients to us if needed), but to provide a means of helping people reach optimum health.

Adjustments Using the Hands

Dr. Schuneman, DC is a highly trained Doctor of Chiropractic who uses his hands to perform a variety of adjustments. Some of these involve the well-known ‘pop’ sound when the adjustment is performed, and some don’t include that sound, depending on the type of adjustment.

Adjustments Using Specialized Instruments & Devices

Sometimes adjustments are best performed using a specialized tool. Patients may have adjustments administered with devices such as chiropractic tables and various instruments. These are non-invasive and help the doctor relieve pain and improve movement.

Learn More About Colorado Springs Chiropractic Care

We’ve put together a page that further explains our techniques and services and it’s a great place to get more in-depth details on our chiropractic care. We welcome new patients and offer this page to help you prepare for your first visit.