Chiropractic Treatment – Common Conditions That Chiropractors Can Treat

A number of years ago, people claimed that nearly every disease and condition could be remedied with chiropractic treatment. While this is true to some extent because chiropractic treatment helps the whole body function better, it was sometimes taken to exaggeration and made chiropractors the odd-man-out in the medical community. They were ridiculed and viewed as quacks.

This was unfortunate because chiropractic does a lot of good. However, with such negative comments from many in the medical community (some of whom even tried to destroy chiropractic as a profession), many people refused to see the good that could be done by a chiropractor.

Thankfully, the winds are changing! More and more doctors, surgeons, physical therapists and other medical professionals are recognizing just how much good chiropractors can do.

6 Conditions That Can Be Treated with Chiropractic Adjustments

While a chiropractor is not able to cure diseases or treat every condition imaginable, the list of what they can accomplish is quite extensive. Here are just a few things that chiropractors are very successful at treating.

1. Back Sprains and Whiplash

Lifting, bending, twisting, playing—they all can result in a back sprain. The muscles and ligaments end up torn or overstretched resulting in some pretty incredible pain. A similar thing happens during a rear-end car accident—the neck is hyper-extended and sprained. A chiropractor can offer suggestions to help ease the pain.

2. Headaches

A patient dealing with TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder may deal with chronic muscle and jaw joint pain. The pain can radiate throughout their face and head, and be very debilitating. Another cause of headaches is from neck pain. When a person’s neck is out of alignment, their head will ache around the temples, at the base of the skull, behind the eyes, and, of course, the neck. With gentle adjustments, a chiropractor can realign bones within the head and neck to both ease the pain and help prevent re-occurrences.

3. Tailbone Issues

Slipping and falling on one’s tailbone is an extremely painful experience. Pain can continue for years down the road from an injury like this. A chiropractor will make sure the bone isn’t cracked or sheared with x-rays. If not, adjustments can often ease the pain experienced from this type of injury.

4. Sciatica

The sciatic nerve runs down the back, buttocks, down the leg and to the knee. At times, the nerve can become inflamed and irritated, causing shooting, electric shock-like pain. A chiropractor can adjust the lower back and release the muscles to ease the pain.

5. Leg Length Discrepancies

If one leg is longer than the other, it can put an enormous amount of strain on the lower back, hips, knees and ankles. Oftentimes, the cause is not one leg physically being longer than the other but the result of bad posture. The chiropractor can help determine the cause and help correct the problem. Some things they may do is adjust the pelvis, recommend shoe inserts, and suggest exercises to ease pain and improve posture.

6. Degenerative Disc Disease or Herniated Disc

These conditions come about because of age, overuse, or accident. Chiropractors help patients avoid further damage through adjustments, exercises, and muscle relaxation techniques.

Finding Relief with Chiropractic Treatment

Whether a person has been in a car accident, has had a fall, or just woke up on the wrong side of the bed, a chiropractor can help get them out of pain. Chiropractic treatment is a valid form of treatment for anyone experiencing neuromusculoskeletal issues. Give us a call and give it a try today!


Dr. Michael Schuneman, DC

Dr. Michael Schuneman, DC is a chiropractor in Colorado Springs. He started Life Symmetry Chiropractic in 2012. In addition to running an active chiropractic practice, Dr. Schuneman also researches and writes on a variety of health topics and regularly gives health talks in the community. He is committed to bringing better health and a better way of life to his patients by teaching and practicing the true principles of chiropractic wellness care.

The information given is for informational purposes only and is not meant as a diagnosis or treatment for any disease or disorder.

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